Toliloka Imobiliária LdaTekstvak: Toliloka Imobiliária Lda.
Algarve property developers
Tekstvak: Toliloka Imobiliária Lda.
Donalda, 8500-324 Portimão, Portugal  Tel.: +351 914 104 831


The project consits of one plot with a size of over 6 hectares (over 15 acres). The project is located 1,4 kms. north of Portimão, between the Estrada Nacional 125 and the A22 motorway and can be accessed by a tarmac road.


Buildings on the plot: Office (100m²), warehouse (300m²), shade clothed greenhouse (2400m²), greenhouse (5000m²), detachable warehouse (320m²), staff´s cloakroom (80 m²) and an old house of about 150m², which entitles the new owner to build a large villa. There is a central parking and access to the main buildings on the plot is by asphalted roads.


A large part of the plot is used as a nursery for palmtrees, trees and plants such as Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Chamaerops humilis, Chamaerops vulcano, Jubaea chilensis, Livistona chinensis, Phoenix canariensis Porphyrococca, Phoenix dactylifera, Phoenix reclinata, Phoenix Roebelinii, Syagrus romanzioffana, Washingtonia robusta, Washingtonia robusta (curved), Wodyetia bifúrcate, Yucca elephantipes, Olea europaea (massive old trees), Phornium, Strelitzia Augusta, Strelitzia Reginea. Water is provided by a freshwater borehole 24/7, providing 10m³ per day. A 6.000.000 liter waterreservoir/lake provides a buffer for irrigation and gives home to a large school of European and Noble Carps. Artificial made Koi lakes on different levels are connected by waterfalls and creeks and decorated with natural rocks.

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